The Magic Brassiere is a low cost device that is a safe and easy method of natural breast enhancement.  At iGadget Store, we provide our customers with reliable methods of natural enlargement so that you don’t have to undergo painful and expensive cosmetic surgery.  

The Magic Brassiere is an electronic device that helps to tone the muscles that support your breasts.  It can also increase the size of your breasts because the low frequency vibrations emitted stimulate the tissue cells in your breasts, which promotes tissue growth*.  The breast enhancer works by using a microcomputer to send electrical pulses through to the pads, which when worn over the breasts feel like a massage.  Massaging your breasts boosts circulation in the area and gives you firmer and larger breasts.

The Magic Brassiere is perfect for busy people who don’t have time to spend on manual massage techniques.  When using the breast enhancer device you simply place the pads on your breasts for about 15 minutes and let them do their job.  While the massager is working, you can continue to go about your business.  This discreet breast enhancer is so easy to use.  You can use the massager with lubricating gel for enhanced comfort.  Pick yours up today.  

Design in California, United States


  • Particularly made to improve the firmness and natural curve of your breasts. Enhances blood circulation and keeps you energetic and healthy
  • Quickly improve, firm and increase your bust! Gently massage your breasts to fight against age and gravity to help keep your breasts healthy
  • The vibrations travel through the breasts assisting in the elimination of toxins. Helps to firm the breast tissues so that the forms of breasts are enhanced
  • Low voltage for power supply, safe and reliable


  • First : To lift the breast and prevent pendulous breast effectively at the same time Make your breasts abnormality fullness  and flexible .
  • Second: Providing breasts enough nutrition and blood containing enough oxygen, which will improves the connective tissue, effectively dredging the blood vessel, remove stagnation, effectively remove mammary gland disease, prevent breast prolapse, relaxation and deformation.

Usage steps:


  • With a clean towel to clean the massage bra, you can choose to wear a bra massage in breast, close-fitting wear bra in the clothes wear or breast size, and according to the regulation of massage bra.
  • Turn the power switch controller to "vibration",  green light corresponding vibration modes. Pull the intensity switch, dynamic controller can choose freely: strong, middle or weak "three vibration modes. Pull to "close" state, green consume ceased to vibrate.
  • It will automatic shutdown after fifteen minutes ,  switch power "to" pull "off" position, "power" to "vibration" pull switch position can be restarted.

The battery

  • Insert pins input rectifier ac power, then the power switch to "pull" red light, charging battery is about 12 hours.
  • After charging  the rectifier must be pull out to protect battery life.

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