Eyewear Magnifier

Eyewear Magnifier

Eyewear Magnifier

Eye Strain Makes You Quit?

If your hobby or job requires intense focusing at a very close distance, you may be familiar with the annoying eye fatigue and neck pain that can stop you from completing your work, or even quit permanently!

Problem With Regular Magnifiers

  • Limited magnification options
  • Bulky, not comfortable to wear
  • Not convenient to use
  • Can't wear with prescription glasses
  • Not versatile

Multiple Lenses

Eyewear Magnifier set includes 5 magnification lenses. 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x covering various focal lengths and changing the lenses is easy. They simply clip in and out.

Ideal For Intricate Work

Eyewear Magnifier is ideal for renovation and restoration, electronics and precision engineering, model making, craft and smaller DIY projects.

Advantage #1

What makes Eyewear Magnifier stand out from the crowd is that the lens position and angle are highly adjustable.

Adjustments can be made via the sliding lens position. This allows you to make sure the glasses are just where you want them.

Wear With Prescription Glasses

The possibility of moving the lens forward and backward also allows you to make room for your prescription glasses and see the detail closely and clearly focused to accomplish your work with better quality.

Advantage #2

Eyewear Magnifier set includes an alternative elastic headband that can be easily interchanged with regular arms and used for more secure fit.

Providing tighter fit, it prevents the magnifier from falling off your head whenever you are moving around or looking down.

Advantage #3

Eyewear Magnifier has a built-in LED light with bright and moderate modes to help you additionally boost visibility without extra effort.

Illuminate Your Work Area

The LED position is adjustable and will provide you with hands-free light aimed at the spot you want.

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