Containing 10 powerful slimming ingredients, Slimming Patch is our fastest acting weight loss patch.  Once applied, the patch works around the clock, and is the perfect easy-to-use solution for slimmers and fitness enthusiasts. 

Containing 44mg of active ingredients, our patches out perform many other options on the market.  Buy with confidence and order yours online with IGadget Store today!

The best way to lose weight is with Slimming Patches

With their patches, they get up each morning and after their shower just stick their slimming patch on a clean, dry and hairless patch of skin and forget about it. For them, it's the best way to lose weight.

How does it work?
When applied to a clean, dry, hairless part of your body, The Slimming Patch delivers the ingredients into the body and enables the ingredients to by-pass the digestive systems acids and enzymes, so they can get straight to work on your bodys fatty reserves.  This is a much more effective way of getting the active ingredients into your body than taking a product orally, and the ease of use makes it a hugely popular product.
Use a tape measure over the first 3 or 4 days to monitor your progress, then check your results on the scales after one week.
Slimming Patches - How To Apply 

Simply apply one slimming patch each day to a clean, dry, hair free part of your body.  Try to drink plenty of water each day then forget about the fact you're wearing it.   There are no special foods to buy or points to count.  No hunger pangs and no potentially damaging nutrient deficiencies from crash diets.  Just remember to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day to help eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention.

We recommend a minimum 2 month course for best results.  From feedback received, the average weight loss achieved per pack of slimming patches is 8-14lbs (3.6 to 6.3 kilos) and each pack lasts 30 days.

Additional Information:

A fantastic alternative to slimming pills, The Slimming Patch is a great way of achieving visible weight loss results. Order yours at iGadget Store today!

Course Length 30 Days
Type Patch
Strength 44mg per patch
Quantity 30 Daily Patches
Recommended dosage One Patch Daily
Suitable for Vegans

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