Regrow Comb Set

Regrow Comb Set

Regrow Comb Set


Accelerate the scalp blood circulation, promote metabolism 
Low power laser can increase the blood circulation of the forehead part of the 20-30%, some as high as 40-60% head results. Therefore, the laser can help improve blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicles, to prevent hair loss.

Stimulate the hair follicles 
Low power laser can stimulate the hair follicles, improve hair follicle immune system, can 83% of hair follicles in the activation state of hibernation for the active period to the hair to reduce hair loss and regeneration.

Regulate oil secretion 
Excessive secretion of oil also contributed to the reasons for hair loss, because of excessive oil secretion caused by swelling of the sebaceous glands! The oil contains cave dihydro and fat acid, linoleic acid and other hair follicles will shrink too much, or even shrinking eventually leading to hair loss. Will enable low-power laser line narrowing of sebum, reduce and control oil production and improve the hair loss.

On the immune system disorder alopecia
Low power laser can enhance the body's cells and immune function, such as strengthening the phagocytic function of leukocytes, macrophages can increase or enhance the activity of macrophages, can complement ?-globulin and increased titers and accelerate angiogenesis and new process of cell division and promote hair growth.

Promote the scalp, improve hair:
Low-power laser beam irradiation Shike Jia scalp hair follicles hair growth and strengthen hair, fastening itself, density and flexibility of the hair, so glossy black hair.

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