Transforming Glitter Lipstick

Transforming Glitter Lipstick


Look dazzling and glamorously gorgeouswith the all new Transforming Glitter Lipstick in all your parties and events. It features fifteen different metallic colors to choose from. The colors range from fiery red to galactic purple that would definitely complete your out-of-this-world looks.It results to a luscious metallic matte finishwhile looking fresh as a lip gloss. It creates a shimmering statement that fits your entire look. 


  • It is built with a high-technology that locks in moisture to prevent dry lips and promote long-lasting gloss that moisturizes your lips.
  • Bold colors are persistent and hard to remove as it stays on for a long time so you won’t need to redo your makeup every once in a while.
  • Safe and soft on skin and has an incredible smell that will make you want to bite your lips all the time.
  • Swift application helps create fuller and sexier lips.
  • Its portable size makes it very easy to carry so you can apply whenever and wherever you want to keep your lips moisturized.

1. Do not use on damaged skin
2. store in normal temperature
3. Keep away from children

Dimensions: 0.7 * 3.1 * 4.5in / 2 * 8 * 11.5
Color: 15 options

1 x Transforming Glitter Lipstick

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